Travel Centers of America (TA Petro) is working with its partners like Medallion Transport & Logistics to keep drivers informed on its protocols during the COVID-19 outbreak. TA Petro Updates During COVID-19 Outbreak

According to a company news release, they are  following the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization updates, guidelines and recommendations and taking extra precautions and measures with their already strict cleaning protocols for sanitation. They’re also increasing cleaning frequency and continue to use best-in-class chemicals to disinfect and sanitize common touch points for employees and customers at all sites.

Fuel – Fuel islands are open and running across the country – we are not shutting down Truck Service – Open all published hours and here to help when needed.

RoadSquad – Up and running with no plans to shut down. Know if your driver is stranded we will get them up and running as quickly as possible.

Restaurants – Some of our food services in mandated states were ordered to close.  We are currently working through ways to still serve your drivers with takeout and options that would allow them to eat over-the-road. Buffets, soup and salad bar offerings are temporarily suspended, although restaurants remain open as of Tuesday, March 17.

Facilities – As many of you may have already seen we are taking extra precaution to keep facilities clean and safe.  We will continue to do this and please reassure your drivers TA is here for them.

We will continue to work with partners like these to provide all drivers with updates during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Read TA’s direct response to COVID-19 here.