After May’s unannounced brake blitz by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), inspectors believe there is a problem with truck drivers manually adjusting self-adjusting slack adjusters. CVSA Says Don't Manually Adjust Auto Slack Adjusters

When truckers manually adjust, there is a false sense of security, and it is likely the brake adjusters will fall back out of adjustment.

During the safety blitz about 1,600 trucks, or 10 percent of vehicles, were put out of service due to brake adjustment defects, according to the CVSA. In fact, out-of-adjustment brakes are the most reported problem with roadside vehicle safety inspections.

The Risks of Poorly Adjusted Brakes

Having poorly adjusted brakes includes the following risks:

  • Reduced braking capacity
  • Increase in stopping distance
  • Overall safety risks for the driver, any passenger and others traveling the roads

Be Sure Self-Adjusting Brake Adjusters Are Being Diagnosed Correctly

Technicians don’t always properly diagnose or identify issues. Simply re-positioning or re-adjusting does not repair the problem. Here are some tips.

  • Check that repairs are done properly
  • Make sure the technician follows proper diagnostic procedure
  • Ask if the technician is able to identify what is causing the excessive stroke
  • Make sure it is not just temporarily re-positioned

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