When truck drivers are placed out-of-service for a brake issue, there are some important facts to know in order to adequately repair to satisfy the OOS order. Brakes Out of Adjustment?

If you are not DOT qualified to adjust brakes, then you are not DOT qualified to adjust them.  If you don’t have a brake certificate issued by the carrier, then you can’t repair them. An air brake endorsement does not qualify you to adjust your brakes.

In other words, if you are put out of service for your brakes not being in proper adjustment, unless you have a brake certificate issued by this company, the US DOT says you can not adjust your brakes to satisfy the OOS order.

You can adjust your brakes under the direct supervision of the inspector, have the officer inspect the adjustment, and ask that they initial your signature as the repairer to satisfy the OOS.

Or, you can call a certified mechanic to come out to the inspection location and perform the adjustment.

Don’t get caught jumping an OOS, it could mean your job and enforcement action from the US DOT.

For additional information please read the FMCSA’s FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on qualifications of brake inspectors. 

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