• Expanded Business Opportunities with Leveraged LTL Platform to Cross Sell to your Customers
  • Corporate Support for Overflow of Customer Freight
  • International Logistics and Freight Support Capability
  • Expedited Service Capability
  • Sales Support

Our compensation program is predicated on your productivity. We have great flexibility in our compensation program. We settle commissions every Thursday on the business invoiced from the previous week.

We are not over loaded with freight agents and go to great lengths to protect our freight agents’ business. Click here to view agent locations.

Medallion offers qualified independent agents expanded income opportunities with:

  • Expanded business opportunities with leveraged LTL platform to cross sell to your customers
  • Corporate support for overflow of customer freight
  • International logistics and freight support capability
  • Expedited service capability

To pursue an agent opportunity with Medallion Transport Holdings, contact: Richard.Panuski@medalliontrans.com or call 704-235-0464