The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has released the data from the 2017 Operation Safe Driver Week, and the data shows the number of violations nearly doubled from 2016. The 2017 warnings and citations totaled more than 59,000 and Medallion Transport & Logistics and its sister companies, NHH Services, Ace Heavy Haul and Medallion International, is proud to have tallied zero during this week-long safety sting.

Safe Driver Week 2017Safe Driver Week Results, Medallion Violations at ZERO

Held from Oct. 15 – 21, 2017, law enforcement agencies across North America checked commercial vehicles for violations related mostly to load securement, but also looked for safety violations relating to brakes and tires, while also watching for driving behaviors such as speeding.

59,193 warnings and citations were issued this year, of which 38,878 citations and warnings were issued to Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers according to the CVSA’s Safe Driver Week news release. 

The 38,878 citations and warnings broke down to 30,714 warnings and 8,164 citations for CMV drivers.

Some notable areas relating to CMV drivers include:

  • 7.4 percent of the total warnings/citations for speeding were issued to CMV drivers
  • 2.6 percent of violations for CMV drivers were for failure to wear a seat belt
  • A small percent of violations including careless driving and driving while ill or fatigued

From the Past

In 2016, enforcement officers issued 20,548 citations and warnings to CMV drivers. Of those numbers, 11,183 citations were given to CMV drivers.

In 2015, law enforcement officers pulled over 21,012 commercial motor vehicle drivers.

Medallion – Violation Free

While the increase in this year’s violation during Operation Safe Driver Week was so significant, Medallion Transport & Logistics is proud of all drivers for totaling zero violations. Medallion drivers include freight agents owner-operators who are on the go and moving cargo nationwide. Medallion’s Safety Team is committed to driver education and training to ensure drivers are continuously safe on the road. Medallion’s Owner Operator Program includes a roadside inspection bonus and more to ensure safety.