Shortly after Hurricane Florence struck the Carolinas, Medallion Transport Holdings and companies partnered with WARM (Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry) to help raise money for those affected, and are continuing to work with the non-profit organization to help keep funds coming in for long-term recovery in the Medallion to Raise Funds for Hurricane Victims as Recovery ContinuesWilmington area.

Although it’s been almost two months since the storm hit, there are many people who still need substantial help during the recovery stage, which can last years.

Specifically, WARM defines the recovery process as a time when outreach to affected areas begins and which ends when everyone is made whole. During this several year process, homes and businesses will be rebuilt, the local economy will be restored and many will need mental health services as they face the devastation that directly affected them.

Under our parent company, Medallion Transport Holdings and along with our sister companies, NHH Services and ACE Heavy Haul, we have partnered with WARM to raise money, specifically now for this recovery phase.

When Florence made landfall, WARM had 22 homes it was already rebuilding due to damage from Hurricane Matthew with almost 200 on a waiting list. Almost 100 of those homes reported additional damage due to Hurricane Florence.

Volunteer teams have been deployed to several homes to help patch roofs, install tarps and complete other emergency repairs but the larger jobs are still in the assessment phase as damage is estimated and money becomes available to buy supplies to schedule volunteers to complete the work.

Our goal at Medallion Transport & Logistics is to play a part in helping people rebuild and move back into their homes as soon as possible.

Medallion’s Senior Resource Director, Bill Winey organized the involvement with WARM, where donations can be made via the WARM donation page.

Winey lives near the Wilmington area and has seen some of the devastation first hand.

“There’s still a lot of damage and a lot of people are still displaced from their homes,” said Winey. “I know it’s going to take quite some time to piece it all back together.”

Last year, Medallion companies raised thousands for Hurricane Harvey victims in the Houston area. Company leadership took part in a 2-day rebuild project which efforts went directly into rebuilding entire rooms and porches for those who suffered devastating losses as a result of the hurricane.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved:

  • Pledge your donation amount on our WARM donation page by clicking on our logo
  • Share the link with as many people as possible, the more we can spread the word, the more we can help families in need. 
  • Remind everyone to make their donations as soon as possible as there are over 100 homes on the waiting list