The Alabama Department of Transportation’s planning and proposed design of the bridges along Interstate 59/20 (I-59/20) through the City of Birmingham’s Central Business District (CBD) will begin in mid to late January 2019. I-59/20 in Birmingham to Shut Down for 14 Months

Interstate 59/20 through downtown Birmingham will close for an estimated 14 months during the bridge replacement project, during which contractors will work to rebuild the aging interstate bridges.

An exact closure date was not published by the AL DOT, but detours have been published and normal travel, including Commercial Motor Vehicle travel, will be interrupted.

Proposed Detours

I-459 is the alternative route proposed.

Traffic from I-59/20 westbound (from Atlanta/Gadsden) will be detoured to exit at Carraway Boulevard and take Finley Boulevard around the city, either to I-65 at the Finley exit or to get on 59/20 at the Arkadelphia Road exit.

Westbound traffic headed for downtown can take the 25th Street exit, or exit onto the Red Mountain Expressway. Those exits are expected to remain open throughout most of the project, though Leonard said some temporary closures will be required.

Eastbound traffic (from Tuscaloosa/Bessemer) will be detoured to the Arkadelphia Road exit to Finley Boulevard to Carraway Boulevard, where they can get back on the interstate. Eastbound drivers wishing to enter the city can still use the 17th Street North exit, or take I-65 South to 4th Avenue South.

To handle the increased traffic, an additional left turn lane has been added to Carraway Boulevard for drivers turning onto Finley Boulevard, and another right turn lane has been added to Finley Boulevard to turn onto Carraway Boulevard.

Project Completion & Updates

For ongoing updates, visit the 59/20 Bridges web page. 

If the project stays on schedule, the interstate is slated to reopen in November 2020.

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