During winter, extended and unexpected road closures can happen resulting in drivers being trapped in their trucks for long periods of time. How to Prevent Cold Weather Calamity

It’s not an ideal situation to be in, but there are some important tips to know so you can be prepared and and have a plan if this happens to you.

Don’t Go Out Looking for Help

If you are stranded in your truck, don’t go looking for help. Stay in your truck!

Keep a Full Tank

Your truck’s engine is your main source of heat and fuel is what will keep it running. Keeping warm, basically your survival, increases by up to two days if you have a full tank. And if you’re running up North, be sure to run good treated fuel.

Pack Warm

It’s never a scenario you want to imagine, but being stranded in extreme winter weather can happen. Always prepare by packing warm. Keeping an actual survival kit consisting of the following items is best.

  • Sleeping bag with a low temperature rating
  • Sturdy pair of winter boots
  • Several pairs of socks
  • Extra thermals and shirts for added layers
  • Warm winter coat
  • Mitts and hats which cover the ears

Stock Up on Snacks

Keeping the body temperature up is important and eating is essential for that. Keep a small supply of snacks and bottled water. Snacks such as granola bars, candy bars and dried fruit and nuts are best.

The Importance of Winter T0ol Kits

Sometimes the focus in preparing for extreme weather is all on clothing, food and water but keeping a winter tool kit in the truck is just as important for survival. Keep these items in your truck.

  • Windshield ice scraper
  • Road salt
  • Anti-gel fuel additive
  • Spare fuel filter
  • Air-line Antifreeze
  • Batteries
  • Plug-in rechargeable flashlight
  • Additional phone charger
  • Several cans of Sterno

Do You Have a Survival Strategy?

In order to survive, whether stranded or isolated, a survival strategy is a must. Here’s what your strategy should include.

  • Try to let someone know you are stranded – via phone or radio
  • If fuel is low, conserve
  • If you have a downdraft exhaust, dig out any snow around to avoid carbon monoxide
  • Use batteries sparingly if engine won’t run
  • Dress warm
  • If you must sleep, set an alarm on your phone to wake up periodically to avoid hyperthermia
  • Never leave truck in search of shelter

Questions? Contact Medallion Transport & Logistics

Medallion’s Safety Team is ready to assist with driver education and training to ensure the company’s fleet is safe on the road and compliant with the latest laws, as well as up-to-date with road closures and construction. For questions, give us a call at 704-235-0460 or send us an email to info@medalliontrans.com.