Richard Panuski is Medallion Transport Holding’s (the parent company of Medallion Transport & Logistics and its associate heavy haul companies, NHH Services and Ace Heavy Haul) Executive Vice President. His day-to-day consists of taking care of business; meetings, emails and conference calls. Fun Fact About Medallion's Executive VP

But only a few know what he does to wind down from a hectic day or week. He rides and collects motorcycles.

A Little History

Panuski’s passion for motorcycles began when he was only 15. Specifically in 1990, while living in Texas, he started attending motorcycle swap meets collecting vintage motorcycles and parts. After spectating for five years, Panuski purchased his first motorcycle in 1995 – a 1947 Indian Chief. The bike was in pieces, but thanks to a good friend, it was restored. Panuski remembers driving it down the road for the first time, knowing then he had found his hobby.

Panuski’s Motorcycles

His love for motorcycles, especially vintage bikes, continued and today Panuski owns 12 vintage bikes which he shows in at least three Concours d’Elegance events every year where he unites with vintage motorcycle collectors from all over the world. Panuski has either won or placed in a majority of the competitions he’s entered.

His enthusiasm for vintage motorcycles is something he enjoys sharing with his twin granddaughters. Only toddlers now, he knows they’ll grow to truly appreciate his passion.