This week Bridgestone issued a voluntary recall of over 2,500 tires from its commercial truck line models, and Medallion Transport & Logistics is taking steps to make sure its entire company fleet is safe.

The reason for the recall is possible steel cord exposure in the tire’s sidewalls. 
Bridgestone Commercial Tire Truck Recall

Medallion Transport & Logistics’ Driver Services has been letting owner operators know which models were recalled and is recommending all to use another tire at this time other than Bridgestone  or the Firestone tires. Below are the tires on the Bridgestone/Firestone recall list.

  • Bridgestone M854 425/65R22.5 with DOT date codes 2418 and 2518
  • Bridgestone M860A 425/65R22.5 with DOT date code 2518
  • Bridgestone M864 425/65R22.5 with DOT date codes 2318 and 2418
  • Firestone FS818 425/65R22.5 with DOT date codes 2318 and 2418

According to Bridgestone, these tires were manufactured on specific dates between June 10, 2018 and June 30, 2018 and sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The company statement also said Firestone FS818, Bridgestone M854, Bridgestone M860A and Bridgestone M864 were manufactured outside of the affected production range and are not part of the recall.

Medallion Transport & Logistics also letting them know about the rubber compound issues with Good Year (Chunking) and Continental has issued a defect notice on their 315/80R22.5 tires.

Owners of tires are being urged to contact an authorized Bridgestone dealer or company-owned service center to arrange for verification and replacement.

Customers in the U.S. and Mexico with questions about the voluntary noncompliance recall may contact Bridgestone Technical Service at 1-800-847-3272. Customers in Canada may call Bridgestone Canada Technical Service at 1-800-267-1318; select option 7.

Questions? Contact Medallion Transport & Logistics

Medallion’s Safety Team is ready to assist with driver education and training to ensure the company’s fleet is safe on the road and compliant with the latest laws. For questions about driver safety, give us a call at 704-235-0460 or send us an email to