With a recent increase in lane restriction violations, it’s important that all truck drivers be aware of the law on their routes. Avoid Citations for Lane Restrictions

Every state law is different, and some states do not allow for passing in the left lane, with most restricting the use of the left lane for trucks in some way.

“If you are behind slow traffic, be patient and wait it out.  A ticket on your safety record and ours is not acceptable,” said Medallion Transport Holdings Field Safety Coordinator Sharon Legendre.

States which don’t prevent trucks from using the left lane altogether, only allow use in certain circumstances. The definition of a “truck” also changes from state to state with some counting axles and other specifying weight limits or vehicle descriptions.

A lane restriction violation affects a carrier CSA score and is a 3-point violation.

In some cases, truck drivers are not aware they violated the law until they are being pulled over and violated. Be in the know of all; statewide laws and understand which prohibit trucks from the left lane entirely or in some way.

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