According to the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule, drivers and carriers who currently use paper logs to track hours of service must have ELDs fully installed and in use by December 18, 2017, which is just around the corner. To comply with roadside and other checks by authorized enforcement or safety officials, ELDs must be able to electronically transfer data on demand through wireless Web services and email, or by using high-speed USB or Bluetooth. ELDs must also be capable of providing data to safety officials with by display or using a print out. Drivers must retain at least EIGHT supporting documents for every 24-hour period they are on duty. ELD: 5 categories of acceptable supporting documentsThese documents must be submitted to the carrier within 13 days of receiving them, and carriers must retain them for six months. In addition to improving safety, ELDs are designed to increase efficiency for both the driver and carrier. Estimated Annual Paperwork Savings Per Driver
  • Driver Filling RODS $487
  • Driver Submitting RODS $56
  • Clerk Filing RODS $120
  • Elimination of Paper Logbooks $42
  • Estimated Savings $705
To ensure record integrity, ELDs allow only limited edits to records by the driver and/or carrier. In the next few weeks, Medallion will be releasing its ELD vendor selection the professional driver will have to choose from. We will supply YouTube and Website info to help aide in the decision making process. In an effort to make this as easy as possible for install and training, Medallion will have five centers for drivers to come through.
  • Mooresville, NC
  • Baytown, TX
  • Louisville, KY
  • Olive Branch, MS
  • LaGrange, GA
Keep in mind there are some exemptions, including drivers of vehicles manufactured before 2000. For a full list of exemptions published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, click here.  We will be working with you closely as we push forward. Stay tuned! Click here to view our July 2017 Safety Bulletin for more information.