Two new rules were proposed June 9 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which look to streamline CDL licensing and help qualified individuals into career opportunities as professional truck drivers.

The truck driver occupation faces a huge labor shortage in the U.S.

According to an article on, the proposals could help save money, and can eliminate burdens to both the applicants and to the states, also ensuring states only issue commercial driver’s licenses to well-trained individuals.

The two proposed rules are Military Licensing and State CDL Reciprocity and Commercial Learner’s Permit Validity.

The Military Licensing and State CDL Reciprocity would allow State Driver Licensing Agencies to waive CDL knowledge test for veterans and active-duty Military personnel, including National Guard and Reserves.

The Commercial Learner’s Permit Validity would allow states to issue a CDL learner’s permit with an expiration date of up to one year, replacing the current six-month limitation.

Public comment for both proposals is open for 60 days.

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